It took some doing, but it's finally available for you- My book- Republished as a soft cover- and available NOW!

HARLEY BROWN'S ETERNAL TRUTHS FOR EVERY ARTIST with original signature bookmark in each one!

I no longer do workshops, so this book is actually like having many workshops with me. Filled with a wide range of art techniques, insights and "secrets" that I learned over the years. Most important are the bountiful images of my artwork. Some showing stages of my approach from start to finish.

When I was starting my career and could have one book to help me on my way, this would be it. Yes it's by me, and it's also by the great artists in history, mentors with whom I studied and the endless inspiring moments I locked into my mind. All now revealed.- Harley


Soft cover-144 pages of art, techniques, and lessons.

Reprinted from International Artist Magazine for the third time.

Harley Brown's eternal truths for every artist