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Harley Brown's Alter Ego


I first entered the art world mid 20th Century, painting colorful, energetic portraits of the village folk of my youth. It was an approach that began to flow naturally during extensive studies in Russia and Europe. My interest in portraying individuals has meant everything to me; oil and pastel strokes bringing out a lifetime of remarkable people. 
I moved to Calgary, Canada in the early 60s; settled there for a few years while painting my impressions of the grand surroundings. I worked alongside good friend and fellow artist Harley Brown. We did a few shows together abd I had a number of solo exhibits. In time, my dearwife Fleur and I moved back to the "Old Country". My obsession has endured as I paint at the side of my inspiring enjoying the pleasure of our secluded life. 
Now, after half a century, Balinofski returns; constant and evolving as I apply those distinctive shapes and colors. The difference is my compulsion to let loose with compelling visual mysteries. My individual spirit coomes through; but now observers study my work seeing how those mostly abstract color patterns affect them. The inventive mind will see something just as unique as the manner it was created. 
The hues, shapes and absolute feelubgs are as I handled them those many years ago. Today, they come from me with full abandon; motivated by the flow of the moment. I'm that same private artist of the past yet I paint with even more curiosity of our interesting and changing world. My intuitive imagination rules the canvas, no restrictions whatever. 
Yes, Balinofski lives .

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