It took some doing, but it's finally available for you- My book- Republished as a soft cover- and available NOW!


HARLEY BROWN'S ETERNAL TRUTHS FOR EVERY ARTIST. I no longer do workshops, so this book is actually like having many workshops with me. Filled with a wide range of art techniques, insights and "secrets" that I learned over the years. Most important are the bountiful images of my artwork. Some showing stages of my approach from start to finish.


When I was starting my career and could have one book to help me on my way, this would be it. Yes, it's by me, and it's also by the great artists in history, mentors with whom I studied and the endless inspiring moments I locked into my mind. All now revealed.


- Harley

Soft cover-144 pages of art, techniques, and lessons. Re published from International Artist Magazine for the third time.
"Let's Talk Art"

01 about Harley Brown

Harley Brown was raised in the Canadian town of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. In his teen years, he and his family moved to the great "Stampede" city of Calgary, Alberta. It was there he went to the Alberta College of Fine Art and began to draw and paint the Old West.  He also played the honky-tonk piano in an eccentric Calgary nightclub.



He has been a member of the National Academy of Western Art since 1977 and has acquired numerous awards in a number of national art events.


Eager to share his knowledge, Harley Brown has conducted hundreds of invariably sold-out workshops and demonstrations in the US and abroad.  He has illustrated many magazine covers and authored numerous articles on art techniques, as well as his best selling books, "Confessions of a Starving Artist", "Harley Brown's Eternal Truth for Every Artist" and "Harley Brown's Inspiration for Every Artist". 


His regular column and insightful Bon mots can be seen in International Artist magazine.


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03 inspiration

In episode 104, renowned Dark Artist, Chet Zar interviews 80-year-old old fine artist Harley Brown. Topics covered include:


  • growing up in Moose Jaw

  • getting kicked out of art school

  • life in the 50's and 60's

  • selling his artwork door to door

  • becoming accepted by his peers and gaining success

  • Native American portraits

  • horror movies

  • advice for young artists and a TON more!

    This is the longest episode we have done yet! Chet answers a bunch of your questions from Instagram in the beginning and as a bonus, you will get a Harley Brown impromptu piano jam!

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