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Mrs. Blackkettle's Dance

Signed print - 36" x 26"

$350.00 US funds (limited time offer)

"In my eyes a paramount moment at the Calgary Stampede, a major event, I'd seen a dozen times. Mrs. Blackkettle was teaching the young one a few steps to the beat of the drums, but the young one had a wandering mind. From old to young, we yearn to pass the torch. One can imagine that this little girl will be carrying on a great tradition, much like Mrs. Blackkettle.

The Thought

Original Framed Pastel - 20" x 16"

$12,000.00 US funds

... "the light came almost directly from the front, making for few cast shadows, forcing me to mild the features and find subtle differences of the planes. In honesty, however, I was more hypnotized by her quiet inspection of me." Harley

Charlo Girl

Signed 20" x 16"

Limited numbers available

Coming soon ... 


Original Signed Etching

Coming soon ...


Original Signed Etching

Coming soon ... 

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